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Commerce Preventing Climate Change

by Haifa Al-Rajhi
on behalf of Ibrahim Al-Rajhi


Those involved in finding ways to produce green energy are driven by two reasons: either to save life on this planet, to become kings of an industry that will inevitably turn the energy market upside-down, or both.

In the next 20-30 years innovators and entrepreneurs, will be leading the charge towards a “Green Boom.” Since energy is an issue that affects every person, the job that they have is to make the transition from old fuel to green fuel painless, cost effective, and efficient. Ideally to make the solar panel so easy to install that it almost “snaps” into place, making the electric car sexy again, or making hydrogen generators so cheap you’d be a fool not to have one.

This method of change is much more natural to us, and you only have to look as far back as the Industrial Revolution or the rapid rise of the internet to see how effective and quick change could be made. Convincing others to change their habits, fighting the government, and so on will always be an uphill battle, but with commercialization people will be happy to buy what makes sense and legislation will naturally follow.