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Vertical Farming: Less Land, More Green!

by Honeyberdy Productions
on behalf of Jasper Lown


I have always been intrigued by green technology; the ability to carry out simple tasks in ways that do not harm our environment. So, naturally, when I first heard the concept of vertical farming, I became instantly excited. And for that reason, I used it as my subject for this video.

Vertical farms are a more efficient use of land than traditional farms. A multistory building housing artificial crop "fields" contains a greater amount of growing area than the flat land it sits on would have been used as. Protection from unexpected storms, droughts, and pests would produce a larger, healthier crop. Year-round production would make seasonal fruits easily available at every local supermarket. When placed in urban centers, the bottom floor of a vertical farm building can be used as a market. This saves the fossil fuel that would normally be used to ship crops to markets. The benefits of such technology are endless. Even though not one vertical farm has been built as of yet, I can imagine that within the next couple of decades, they will be almost as common as regular greenhouses.