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The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - Under 18


1st Prize

Two and a Half Billion Ide...

by Jeff Steinhorn
on behalf of Alec Steinhorn


The Era Of Climate Change

by pankajvohramd
on behalf of Madhav Vohra

Judging Feedback

We are pleased to announce the results of this Challenge. Thanks to those who entered and congratulations to the winner.

According to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO: “The video challenge entries demonstrate a level of generative thinking and creativity that’s needed to push climate change conversation beyond policy discussions and negative scenarios. By providing us with alternative visions of what the future might look like, the entrants have inspired fresh ideas about the future of climate change and sparked important conversations around a more human-centered, sustainable future.”

DESIGN 21's director Haruko Smith said: "We are grateful for the opportunity to host this Challenge for IDEO. And it was indeed challenging in that it was a big subject and required video-making skills, but that made it all the more exciting – seeing a range of ideas expressed in a range of ways."

She added: "Interestingly and befittingly, one of the winning entries came from a 12-year-old whose message and execution were stunningly elegant. The video was a beautiful example of how we can all be part of the solution and that simple steps can go a long way towards solving a complex problem.”

Grand Prize Winner

Two and a Half Billion Ideas by Alec Steinhorn (entered by Jeff Steinhorn, USA) took the top prize with his video that captured the voices and ideas of children from around the world, winning $3000 plus a "Deep Dive" half-day workshop with IDEO.

Judging for this group, Roshi Givechi, design director and co-lead of IDEO San Francisco, said: “The collection of different perspectives, and international perspectives for that matter, was particularly effective in underscoring that fact that climate change is a global issue. The inclusion of humor made the message quite human.”

Judge Grace Chen, director of Math & Science Design at Teach For America, commented: “I found it inspiring and powerful to hear children from around the world sharing their ideas about what we can do to address climate change.”

Most Popular

The Era Of Climate Changeby Pankaj Vohra (India) received the most votes in the online poll.