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The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over


Challenge Rules and Regulations

This is challenge is for people Under the age of 18. Click to go to the 18 and Over version of this competition.

Read these Rules in full; you will be required to accept them when you enter.

Who Can Enter?

People of all ages may enter. You must be a registered member of DESIGN 21 to enter. Registration and entry are free.

Entry is open to both individuals and teams. You may submit multiple entries, though you can only upload one video per entry.

There are two age categories for entry:

1) 18 and Over
2) Under 18. If you fall into this category you will need your parent or legal guardian to register on DESIGN 21 and submit your entry for you.

Both the 18 and Over and the Under 18 categories will be judged on the same criteria but by separate judging panels.

You may submit projects that you have previously published or exhibited so long as they conform to the entry guidelines and the Rules of this Challenge.

What to Enter:

To be considered, your Entry must include:

  1. One Video
    1. The video file size must not exceed 20MB and must be in one of the following trusted formats:
      asf - asf format
      avi - avi format
      flv - flv format
      m4v - raw MPEG4 video format
      mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2 - QuickTime/MPEG4/Motion JPEG 2000 format
      wmv - Windows Media Video format
    2. All videos will be displayed at 544 x 408 pixels. Winners may be asked to provide high-resolution versions of their submission.
    3. The Video must not be longer than 2 minutes in duration. Entries that exceed the 2 minutes in duration will be removed from the website and ineligible for entry.
    4. The term “Video” may include stop motion photography or animation, or computer animation
    5. All videos entered for this Challenge must include both the URLs and at the end of the video. An optional template can be downloaded here. Entries that do not contain the URLs at the end of their video will be removed and ineligible for entry.
    6. Videos will display with a thumbnail image. You may upload a thumbnail to represent your video or the system will generate one using the first frame of your video.
    7. Please be patient while your video file uploads as it may take several minutes.
  2. An Explanation of Ideas Your Video must have a description or explanation of your work and its context that is no more than 400 words.
    1. For purposes of this Challenge, only English text will be accepted.
    2. We recommend that you review the “Thought Starters” section in the Overview section in the Brief for guidelines.
  3. No Logos
    You may not use any logos or company names in your video; any entries that have company logos, company names, or other trademarks in them (other than the and urls as mentioned in 1.e above) will be removed from the website and ineligible for entry.

  4. You must accept these Rules and DESIGN 21’s Terms of Use policies.


You will be required to check the box that states that you have read and understand the Challenge Brief, Rules and DESIGN 21’s Terms of Use when you submit your entry. Again, if you or any member of your team entering the work is younger than 18, you should have your parent or legal guardian accept these Rules along with you.

Instructions for Entering:

  1. Check your entry carefully prior to submitting as there is no way to retrieve your entry once it has been submitted.
  2. Read these Rules, the Challenge Brief , and the Terms of Use of the DESIGN 21 website. If you understand and agree with all three, check the box indicating you “accept the Rules contained in the Brief and Rules sections of this Challenge as well as the Terms of Use of this website,” and click “Send”.
  3. If you created your entry with other individuals, (i) list their names in the Co-Authors field, (ii) check the box at the bottom of the form indicating that you all understand and acknowledge these Rules, and (iii) provide their acceptance of these Rules and the Terms of Use of the website.
    1. If you are submitting a work that is created by more than one author, you must designate the “Lead” Co-Author, who creates an individual account on DESIGN 21 for his or her self and creates the entry on behalf of all co-authors.
    2. By accepting these Rules, you agree that the Lead Co-Author will receive any communications from DESIGN 21 or IDEO, and, if you win a prize in this Challenge, that Lead Co-Author will be the person to whom IDEO sends any prize money. You agree and acknowledge that neither DESIGN 21 nor IDEO will have any responsibility to any Co-Author who is not designated to be the Lead Co-Author, so please discuss this matter among your Co-Authors before making a submission.
  4. Upload your video according to the technical specifications listed in "What to Enter." It may take several minutes for your entry to upload. Please don't close this window, hit refresh, or hit submit more than once. Please be patient. A thumbnail image will be displayed with your entry. You may upload a thumbnail image to represent your video. If you do not upload a thumbnail image, the system will generate a thumbnail from the first frame of your video for your entry.
  5. If any images of people appear in your videos, by submitting your video, you will need to provide model releases to enter the work into the Challenge and to show the work in public places. In the event that your entry is selected a prize winner, you may be asked to provide those model releases to DESIGN 21 to prove that your models have agreed to have their image included in the work and displayed publicly. Here are two examples of the kinds of model releases you may be asked to provide. and

Deadline for Entry.

The deadline for Submissions is: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, at 6pm UTC

Note: UTC stands for Universal Coordinated Time. Please be sure to check what time that means to you. Late entries will not be accepted. Dates may be subject to change, check for updates.

Ownership & Copyright

By submitting your entry, you are representing to DESIGN 21® and to IDEO that (i) your entry is original, (ii) your entry is your work and/or property, (iii) you have the right and authority to enter the work into this Challenge, and (iv) you have the right to assign or license the necessary rights in the work to enter and, potentially, win a prize in this Challenge.

If you do not list any Co-Authors of the work, you are representing to us that you are the sole author or owner of the work. If you do list Co-Authors of the work, you represent that you are not violating any Co-Author’s rights by entering the work, and that any Co-Authors have given you permission to submit the work.

By entering your work, you represent that the video you submit does not infringe any third party’s rights in any way, whether those rights are copyright, trademark, patent, publicity or privacy rights, or any other applicable rights, and that you have received any licenses or releases necessary in connection with submitting your entry. 

By entering the Challenge, you agree that neither DESIGN 21 nor IDEO are liable for any copyright or other infringement on the part of the entrant, or on the part of any third party who views your work at the site(s) due to your entry into this Challenge. You agree that neither DESIGN 21 nor IDEO will have any liability or responsibility to you for any claim made by you against any third party, (or any claim made by another person or entity against you or your entry) in connection with this Challenge, and it is your responsibility to make sure you have the required releases, licenses, and other necessary clearance to submit your entry. All entries will appear on the website for voting, judging and promotional purposes.

DESIGN 21 and IDEO may, at their sole discretion, remove any entry from the website and the Challenge that it feels violates these Rules, the spirit of the Challenge, or may infringe another’s rights.

Please note that use of clip art, music and/or stock photos or videos does not mean that you own any copyright in that clip art, music and/or stock photo or video. Furthermore, depending on the permission you are granted to use such clip art, music or stock photo or video, you may not even have the right to use such works in your video. Please make certain that all the works used in your video are your own, or that you have the legal right to use them.

Intellectual Property Rights

Apart from the licenses and permissions you grant to DESIGN 21 and IDEO under this agreement, you will retain all copyright in your work. However, by submitting a video in the Challenge, you understand and agree that you are granting permission to DESIGN 21 and IDEO to copy, reproduce, display, perform, publish, distribute and exhibit the video or any part of it in connection with the Challenge. These rights will continue after the Challenge ends, and after a winner is selected. You further recognize and agree that DESIGN 21 and IDEO may edit or modify the video in order to display and/or perform it, and you understand and agree that the video may be displayed at the DESIGN 21 website, the Living Climate Change Blog(s), or at exhibitions or events, and also that images from the videos may be used by DESIGN 21 and/or IDEO in any publications, communications, or advertising that each may deem suitable and/or necessary.

The Panel of Judges

Prize winners will be selected by IDEO staff and a panel of judges with experience in the fields of design, climate change, education or technology. These judges will select the Grand Prize winners and Honorable Mentions prize winners from their respective age categories. The Most Popular prize will be selected based on the votes of all registered members of DESIGN 21, who will have the opportunity to vote for their own favorites during a public voting period (see Public Vote section in the Brief for dates).

Judging Criteria and Procedure

The judging panel will be looking for original videos containing inspiring and provocative ideas about climate change and how it could affect our lives over the next 20 to 30 years. The panel seeks optimistic human-centered scenarios or imagined sketches that address or respond to the experience of climate change. Judges are interested in both big and seemingly small ideas. For inspiration, refer to the videos featured on

The judges' decisions are final.

Not all judges will see all entries. Due to the number of entries and the difficulty and time it would take to review all of them, IDEO staff will review all entries according to the criteria established above. They will pick semi-finalists in each age category, and the judges will select the prize winners from such entries.


(1) IDEO will grant a Grand Prize in each age group to the entry the judges select to be the overall best works, according to the criteria set forth in the Challenge Brief. The Grand Prize will be US $3,000, plus an opportunity to attend an IDEO “Deep Dive,” half-day workshop. IDEO will, in its sole discretion, elect to provide to the winner either (i) a travel allowance to attend the workshop, or (ii) a workshop held at the location of the winner. If IDEO elects to grant a Grand Prize winner the travel allowance, it will not defray travel expenses more than $2,500 for each winning entry. Winners may not substitute or receive cash in lieu of the Workshop and/or travel allowance.

(2) IDEO will grant an Honorable Mention prize to one entry in each age category, as selected by the judges. The winner of each Honorable Mention prize will be awarded US $500 by IDEO.

(3) All registered members of the DESIGN 21 community will have the opportunity to vote for their own favorites during a public voting period set forth in the Brief. You can vote for as many entries as you like, but you can only vote once for each entry. At the end of the voting period, the entry with the most votes in each of the age categories will recognized as the “Most Popular” entry (or entries, in the event there is a tie). No monetary prize will be given to this category.

Winners of monetary prizes will be responsible for any and all taxes.

Where and when will the Entries be viewable?

All entries will be viewable by the public via the DESIGN 21 website, located at, and/or the Living Climate Change Blog both during and after the entry phase of the Challenge. Authors’ names will not be revealed until the results of the Challenge are published.

Please note that during the entry phase of the Challenge, certain videos may be selected and displayed by the editorial staff of selected to be displayed on IDEO’s Living Climate Change Blog if IDEO and the Living Climate Change editors believe that the entry is in some way relevant to the editorial at any time during the contest. Not all videos will be displayed and there is no commitment that any video will be displayed prior to the end of the Challenge. Having your video included on the blog does not confer any advantage as an entrant to the Challenge, and judges will be instructed not take this into consideration in their judging of the Challenge but to weigh up all entries independently of the blog.

Removal of Entries

Entries suspected in DESIGN 21 or IDEO’s discretion of violating any applicable rights, including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, trade names, or rights of publicity or privacy may be removed. DESIGN 21 and IDEO each reserve the right to remove any video for any reason and without notice. The judges’ decisions are final.

Takedown Procedures

Please note that the Website and this Challenge comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and the Copyright Notice and Takedown procedures are set forth in the Terms of Use.

Notification of Winners

All prize winners and award recipients will be contacted by email at the conclusion of the competition. Winners may be asked to provide high-resolution versions of their submissions. Furthermore, any entrant, including prize winners may be asked to provide proof of identity and age at any time. Winners will be asked to provide proof of age and identity before being awarded any prizes. Persons who are under the age of 18 (and others depending on where they live) may be required to have a parent or guardian provide consent, agreement, or releases, as applicable.

Acknowledgements and Agreements

By entering this Challenge, you acknowledge and agree that:

This Challenge is hosted and sponsored by IDEO and operated by DESIGN 21. IDEO shall only be liable and responsible for its use of any entry and for paying one “Grand Prize” and one “Honorable Mention” prize in each age category. You agree and understand that the maximum cumulative liability that IDEO has in connection with any and all claims arising under this Challenge and its entries is $12,000.

DESIGN 21 shall only be liable and responsible for its own acts, and is not responsible for the payment of any prize money. Furthermore, DESIGN 21 does not control or manage the organization hosting this Challenge (IDEO), and shall not be held liable for any claim arising out of the acts or omissions of IDEO, including, without limitation, any failure on the part of IDEO to properly operate this Challenge, award winners, pay prizes, or for IDEO’s use of any submitted entry during or after the Challenge. You agree and understand that the maximum cumulative liability that DESIGN 21 has in connection with any and all claims arising under this Challenge and its entries is $5,000.

Neither DESIGN 21 nor IDEO is liable for the content, subject matter or authorship of any entries, and each shall only be liable and responsible for its own acts as set forth here and in the Terms of Use.

Finally, neither IDEO nor DESIGN 21 are responsible to any member for any technical or technological problems, typographical, or other errors in connection with the operation, announcement of prizes, or attribution credits relating to this Challenge.

For all questions, use this contact form to contact DESIGN 21.

See our website's Terms of Use for the rules and regulations governing the use of DESIGN 21: Social Design Network.


This Challenge is void where prohibited by law. It is your responsibility to check with your local laws to make sure that this Challenge does not violate any applicable law or ordinance, and to make sure that you are eligible to participate.

The laws of the State of New York in the United States of America will govern this agreement and Challenge, without regard to conflicts of law principles. Any dispute you may have with IDEO or DESIGN 21 in connection with this Challenge must be brought in the United States, within the City, County and State of New York.

Special Rules for Entrants Under 18 (or in some cases Under 21).

In order to participate in this Challenge and win, you must either have attained the age of majority in the state or country where you live, OR, we must have your parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent for your participation.

If you live in the United States and are younger than 18 (or if you are younger than 21 and live in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Nevada, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, or Wisconsin), you may be required to provide parental consent and releases if you win a prize in this Challenge.

If DESIGN 21 or IDEO determine that parental consent and releases are required, we cannot provide any prizes to you unless and until you provide those consents and releases.