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The "Mother Nature" Reserve Park

by Alissa Lorentz
Co-authors: Alissa Lorentz, Katharina Stauffenberg


Welcome to the „Mother Nature“ Reserve Park.

Animals have long been restrained by humans to prevent them from wreaking havoc on humans' social order. We have reached a point in time now when humans are wreaking havoc on their own social order.

In a world where humans do not sense urgency for change until it is too late, in 30 years we will have to prematurely impose physical limitations on urban sprawl to force change of human lifestyles and shift priorities.

Humans will all live in „city spheres“ under air-permeable domes. Humans will have to adjust to the limited land and resources within these spheres and reduce carbon emissions accordingly.

A carbon credit currency system will measure each individual's carbon footprint, influenced by each individual's water, meat, travel, and frivolous electricity consumption quota. All of the above can be traded between individuals.

A network of Piezo Electric Generators (IPEG) are embedded in every ground surface within the sphere city (roads, floors, etc.) to harvest traffic and human movements as energy to generate electricity.

Humans will be paid to go to the gym, where their "work outs" will generate electricity that is distributed throughout the city.

These "sphere cities" will preserve the surrounding environment and air, ignite re-appreciation for Mother Nature, and expedite change in humans' lifestyles.