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What if...

by rednigth


What if...

...We stop thinking that we are the center of the universe and we start looking at the stars.

The sun is the power source of every living creature in the earth. Why don’t we use that energy to light up our houses?

Up in the sky is the answer. Turning the industry of petrol into the industry of sun

That could reduce the production of petrol just for essential materials such as plastic an fibers to create meta-materials.

Wearing meta-materials could protect us from sun radiation, viruses, collect energy or keep us clean, enforcing recycle.

With recycling industry as a basic activity we could save tons of natural resources such as water

Saving water would be easier with intelligent systems using anti-infections vaporized water that could make our way of cleaning, different.

As different as dinner could be. Mixing grains like soy 50% with meat that would save 50% of the entire production of meat. Reducing all what is needed to have chicken for dinner at home.

Intelligent houses that knows how much water you can use nightly, or how much light you need, to read a book

That could be displayed on portable screens without the usage of paper.

Like interactive screen advertising and on smart portable devices that also store specific information about us, like ADN, to provide us medical assistance, 24/7.

We could build a huge real community that interacts directly with the environment through wireless devices.

Taking wide interactive spaces to work everywhere would be easy. As far as you could go.

What if...we could see mars in our window. With the push of a single button and talk with our family lie from mars

What if... ...we stop fighting and start constructing an intelligent world.