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Running Our Future on People

by Jessica French
Co-authors: Elizabeth Redmond, Ben Logan


Sir Isaac Newton said it best himself, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Given all the natural resources we've expended trying to provide enough energy to power our world, it is our vision to power the future on the most abundant and tangible resource of them all- PEOPLE! By harnessing the kinetic energy in people's steps, we see a future where people are no longer the problem, but the solution. Imagine a day when 10 billion people are active power generators through daily activity, a future where the people of the world are running together toward a more sustainable environment. With today’s state-of-the-art piezoelectric technology, one person walking 2 blocks can generate enough electricity to wash a load of laundry. Can you magine what tomorrows technology will do?
Our vision creates a world where natural habitats are no longer destroyed and finite resources are no longer exploited for the sake of the people. No, we will run our future on people.