The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Small Seeds

by Ruth Turner


the idea of city farming is a multi beneficial start for everyone. these benefits largely outweigh the negatives. Helping curb climate change through the act of city farming can be a reality with time and effort from community members. City farming promotes healthy eating with all the fresh produce grown at home. City farming cuts down on greenhouse gasses by cutting down the need for trucks to ship produce from far areas, especially since most of the produce could be grown in your region. It promotes community growth by giving the people a place to work together toward a common goal and gives the community a place to learn from one another. Children can learn responsibility and can take ownership of something big by participating in growing and harvesting. My script is written in a loose free verse type poem and the message is supported by little screens and the animated visuals. My visuals are made of recyclable materials scanned in and collaged. I chose to direct my audience to the website because I felt they had the best information for first time growers and additional information about what else new is happening in the world of city and rooftop gardening.