The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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A Day Out

by wahyuni wijayanti
Co-authors: nina widharetna, andrew kusuma, marlando kusuma, keshia florentina, dimaz aditio


Carbon footprint. Climate change. Global warming. These are concepts we often hear, see, and understand. But, we seemingly lack of action, the most important thing we should do to save the earth.

Some people think that it needs much effort to preserve climate change. The reality is they are too lazy to change their behaviour. On the other hand, the main key to save our earth is by changing people’s behaviour and it’s not as difficult as your imagine. It’s easy and fun!

Our basic idea: Just make one day in a week as you day out. Go out to the nearest park. Turn off your laptop, TV, video games, electricity at home. Go play outside with your friends. Bring your own food & drink, and relieve your stress while you can socialize with others. And imagine how much energy you can save when you're playing outside? No electricity, no gas, no radiation... just nature and friends. A good combination and at no cost!

Back to simple life is the solution!!!