The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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From a child's eye

by Anuja Singhal


Being innovators and a part of the creative pool, we are constantly under the pressure of coming up with innovations that can ‘save the world’. Everyone is aware of what’s going on and there are many initiatives been taken worldwide to lessen the effects, so we can give our children a beautiful world where they can breathe clean, healthy air.

Children are the future citizens of the world. So, what do we as designers and innovators learn from these little dreamers and their stories? Can we even come close to that level of unadulterated thinking? Is it possible to actually start looking at a world from a child’s perspective? Would it be any better, or worse? Would design stop being as redundant if our way of ‘sensing’ things change? Will it be possible to communicate complex ideas in an expression that’s as simple as a picture book?

A catastrophic water shortage could prove an even bigger threat to mankind this century than soaring food prices and the relentless exhaustion of energy reserves, according to a panel of global experts at the Goldman Sachs "Top Five Risks" conference.

A world 20-30 years from now will be the world of our children, so why not ask them what they imagine their world to be like? Give them a potential problem they may have to face later, and see what their reaction is to it.

I imagine the future world to be straight out of a child’s imagination; pure, simple and unadulterated.