The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Future Seeds

by me.gustas.tu
Co-authors: Cristina Matei


Climate doesn’t have to be an overwhelming issue. Though there are so many different aspects of it that can often seem abstract and far from our control, we can imagine a positive future for climate change in terms of something that directly affects our daily routines. Food, and how we can grow more of it in urban spaces, is a tangible starting point for imagining a positive future of climate change.

Cities around the world are growing, and many of them are sprawling into suburbs. Many of us urbanites in the western world aren’t used to growing our own food. Instead we drive to grocery stores to buy produce that has travelled hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres to be there. We are alienated from the very soil where the food we eat came from, and also from the significant ecological footprint that has been produced to get this food to us.

What we are proposing in this video is a paradigm shift in thought: cities and suburbs in particular, are not doomed to remain food consumers with little power over where their food comes from, but actually are spaces ripe with agricultural potential, on a large scale. Whole lots of suburban backyards can be transformed into community micro-farms. Urban rooftops can be used for herb gardening. Hopefully, in the next 20 years, people will look at every little suburban and urban space as an opportunity for growing what they need to survive.