The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Communities + Climate Change

by Jo Szczepanska
Co-authors: Maya Ben David, Eugenia Morpurgo


Climate change gives us an opportunity to craft ourselves new futures.

“In times of crisis, long before help arrives from the outside world, people act to protect themselves from hunger, disease and harm.”

It is in human nature to need the support and comfort a community can provide in a time of uncertainty.

In order to meet the challenges brought about with climate change communities will have to be strengthened; if not created from the ground up. The systems we know today may no longer exist, or function as we know. We may not be able to rely on governments and large institutions to react and adapt quickly enough to the challenges that we will all face.

Community based design, action and implementation are the key to sustaining life during climate change. We will need to make creative communities, based on mutual support, mobility, adaptability and collaboration.