The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Evolving Architecture

by Chelsea
Co-authors: Cai Xiang


If living creatures have constantly evolved through extreme condition and crisis; architecture, which can be seen as an organism, shall also evolve under the same condition. Precedents include igloo in north pole, adobe mud house in desert etc that in times of severe condition, building need a different form and organization to survive. Base on a book called '6 degree', which is an in depth analysis of global warming effect, each degree rise will have significant impact to the environment. This video is examining how architecture and urban organization may evolve throughout time.
The global crisis will include continuous water rising up to 80 meter and continuous increase of temperature up to a point when the land environment is too hot for people and vegetation. During the 6 stages, the architecture will evolve to perform differently. At the first stage 2010, they are water front resort for tourists connected with the mainland. At the second stage 2015, when the water rises they become floating rescue islands as hotel and partially residential function. At third and forth stage till 2025, the floating island become to growth and aggregates and forming a water city with increase in function, infrastructure and self sustain as the land vanish. At the fifth stage 2030, architecture will start going under water for cooling while providing people a different life style with water. At the final stage in 2035, all creatures will go underwater for living to avoid expose to radiation as the ozone layer has disappeared and above water will become solar farm.