The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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We don't make it-Spaghetti Bolognese

by Lotta Skoog
Co-authors: Bart van Dam, Taina Flink, Andrea Schöllgen, Elio Sjakshie


This is a video about what it can look like if climate has already changed and we were to late to stop it. We will show how people adapt and how climate change will affect our future food habits. As a result of climate change food becomes scarce. This is due to temperature changes that will increase crop vulnerability and extreme weather events. In addition to this there will be an increase of pests and diseases. If food becomes scarce it will also become more expensive and valuable. To prevent theft, almost all food is kept away from the consumer until paid for. Another consequence of food scarcity is that waste needs to be minimized. Preserving methods such as canning will be widespread and frequently used. Since raising cattle is an inefficient use of crops this activity will be very limited and therefore meat prices will be very high. People will have prioritized eating the crops instead of feeding them to the animals to adapt to the new conditions of the world. As expected, these changes will also lead to a black market phenomenon, giving those who can afford it the luxury of fresh food even when it is not generally available.