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Sustainability is Sharing

by Jo Szczepanska
Co-authors: Andrew Smith


Climate change is of the biggest challenges facing the world today. It threatens many of the things we have come to rely on in our daily lives. It also provides us with a great opportunity to re-assess what in our lives is really important.

Climate change is bad for the economy, and bad for our individual hip-pockets. And as carbon trading gets introduced we may find ourselves paying more for everything. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the fuel and electricity we use. Individuals, businesses and governments will need to become much more energy efficient and stop consuming so much energy and resources.

In the future we can hope that society can change its perception of ownership, and instead of buying products they can use services. So instead of having a washing machine, using a Laundromat, or instead of owning a car sharing one with others. These systems already exist, but what if they were to be taken a step further?

Creating community kitchens, local shared office hubs, and public hardware sheds allowing for lending of appliances, workspaces and machinery. Places where membership was earned by participation, and it was a service that was cheap and accessible to all. A public workshop for example, beyond giving access to tools, could create jobs within a community and could also be a place to host workshops on recycling and maintaining products already within the home. Also a place to meet others, and to share things learnt.

The creation of such systems would mean working beyond the current constraints of capitalism, and in order for these systems to succeed the interaction with the system and its users must be seamless, as if they owned the product or space themselves.

Having places like this in the future would not only save resources, but provide an opportunity for the creation social capital, creative communities and places welcoming knowledge transfer.

Sharing is sustainability.