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One small change

by Michel Gomes


Like the oceans, rivers and lakes, our lives are all connected in a way that we cannot even begin to comprehend. What we do in our own lives has a link to what happens in others.
The emphasis here is ME, OUR & MINE. If you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first. I believe that global warming & climate change warnings have not been completely effective because it tries to scare people into reacting, we don’t want to be told we are the villains, that we are “killers” & wasteful. Although this might be true for some there are those who do care & are making a change, however there are those who have stopped caring because they don’t understand what’s really going on. We can shout, hold conferences and write in-depth scientific reports on how the earth is dying, but if individual habits don’t change, that makes us hypocrites and it all becomes meaningless.
I therefore propose true & simple. No clutter, minimise information to the bare minimal but necessary and feasible things that one can do to improve our planet. Virtually all of earth’s ecosystems have been significantly transformed through human action. These changes are happening in our own lives such as changes in weather patterns causing heat waves, flooding & drought.
Eating less meat & using birth control might seem a small solution to a big problem but they are small solutions that could impact our lives & the lives of those suffering most from climate change in a big way.
I don’t believe much will change 20 to 30 years from now and this is not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t see a future with flying cars, tablet form meals, Robocop or space suits that keep you thin and warm. But a future that is more realistic. This is the point I want to make, simple changes that won’t change our day to day or make us live uncomfortably but small changes that will cause a positive effect.