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The tale of climate change

by musu


One upon a time there were 5 friends: SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, NO ONE, EVERYBODY and OTHERS.

One day they were confronted with the climate change problem and they decided that EVERYBODY should solve it. But EVERYBODY was sure that SOMEBODY would solve it and SOMEBODY was counting on NO ONE.
And time passed away…
In the end, NO ONE didn’t solve the climate change problem because it was obvious that ANYBODY could solve it.
And time passed away…
But then SOMEBODY got angry because it was a job for EVERYBODY. However, EVERYBODY suggested that SOMEBODY should force OTHERS to do what NO ONE did not, although ANYBODY could have done it.
And time passed away…
The conclusion?
The climate change problem should be solved by OTHERS.
The solution has to come from every one of us: child, parent, student, entrepreneur, politician, government.

The fact is everything starts from us…
…plant a tree, plant a forest, use solar panels, buy electric cars, build electric cars, eradicate pollution, recycle, there are endless possibilities. We cannot afford to lose anymore time.
Act now!

This short story shows the situation in which the human civilization could find itself in 20-30 years, with time passing by and no measures taken. Just like the 5 friends in the tale, the human behaviour is tempted to pass the responsability to others , but climate change is one problem we should all contribute to solving it.