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Post Natural

by Nature2010


Post-naturalism is not about the end of nature physically, but about the psycho- and socio-logical breakdown, as a result of a post-modern world that values profit and pleasure.

My vision of the future is about the individual taking personal responsibility for the breakdown in nature caused by industrialisation. Recognising that nature or the natural does not exist anymore in a world were every cell, organism and gene has been contaminated and alienated from its original state.

It entails the individual rising up out of indifference and passivity and looking to education for answers. This education can help facilitate an emotional reconnect with nature, and will lead to a discourse and thus a movement towards a post natural consciousness.
With this consciousness the individual will understand the importance of the wholeness and inter dependence between man and nature.
They in turn, can then motivate, and inspire society to lead to a global consciousness, which in turn will lead to new systems of design and knowledge that are relationally and emotionally grounded.
A future were care and balance are fundamental to design.