The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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be barefoot

by Carina02


The problem is climate change and the sustainable reduction thereof over the next 20-30 years. For any solution to work we need someone to implement and maintain the initiative.

I propose that the only way of sustaining the implementation of design concepts is to creating action for these initiatives via a behavioral change in society’s understanding of climate change. Society needs to realise that everyone has a responsibility to act upon the importance of doing something to prevent global warming.

What I would like to see in 20 years is every human knowing and understanding his or her responsibility and role towards the earth. Small changes need to be made to address the bigger problems. Beginning with a behavioral change now, will ensure that initiatives are sustainable because it will encourage people to act small, in order to create big changes. To get everyone to start acting, we need the realisation first.

I want to: Make people aware of their role on earth and help them protect themselves, by protecting the environment they live in.

I will achieve this through: deconstructing a space that people occupy daily by making a simple change which will influence the amount of care they take in occupying the space.

I will do this by: initiating and documenting a day where people voluntarily go about their daily activities, without wearing their shoes …
And hopefully create a global movement around the deconstruction so that everyone will do it.

The purpose: is that people will start noticing the detrimental effects of their immediate daily environment and the factors which inflict the damage.

Will this work?

Making people do something that should be so natural in an unnatural environment will firstly make people feel very uncomfortable.

The results will not come from the day’s sore feet and possible blisters, but from the effort it would take to clean your dirty feet. Scraping all the gunk and dirt off, making that effort, that is what would make the participants realise how ‘dirty’ and unhealthy their environment really is.

It’s a simple idea, not difficult to do, but will people be willing to be brave enough to dare expose themselves in such a simple effort?