The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Intelligent Energy

by Franki Chamaki
Co-authors: Franki Chamaki


So how would the year 2030 look like with climate change? In this video we paint the picture of how energy would be optimised not just by humans but machines as they become intelligent and integrated into our daily lives.
While the world's power demands are expected to rise 60% by 2030, it is supposed by the same time, majority of our energy generation will be decentralised. Our local neighborhoods will become energy farms, allowing local communities to exchange energy between themselves via the Smart Grid –it would be similar to today’s local farmers market - but for energy.
As we become more involve and aware in our energy production, our behavior will ultimately change. We will move from being a conscious customer to cautious ones – thus further optimizing our overall energy consumption.

Combined with the semantic web, our home appliances and car will access the internet to discover our daily routines, activities and usage patterns to optimize our overall energy use.

Our future is bright and delightful.