The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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Lost the Way

by Celeste Vlok


The design is derived from an old, silk-screened map of the Western Cape, South Afica. The animation starts zoomed in on a road on the map showing the half-tones created by silk-screening as a metaphor for diversity. It follows a road indicated by a red line through printed forests of identical trees, slowly the trees grow less until there are none, the camera then moves away from the map to reveal a barren, brown landscape of dead trees. This landscape is then covered by the printed water from the coastline on the map indicating that water levels are rising by about 0.25 cm a year around the cape peninsula, but in areas such as the Namib desert which was once an ocean floor, water levels are rising much more rapidly due to melting ice caps at the poles and the retreat of glaciers.