The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

Competition Details

Blow Away Little Tree

by Celeste Vlok


Stop-frame animation
Collected scrap paper

The entire animation was created from scrap paper.

I have decided to focus on the field of paper and the concept of a society based less on paper and more on digital, interactive publications and advertisements, and if paper is used to encourage recycled paper as for every tonne of paper recycled the following is saved:
- 31 822.6 litres of water
- 1727.5 litres of oil
- Enough energy to power an average house for 6 months.

Even though trees used for paper production are harvested from “Tree Farms” where companies such as Sappi grow trees specifically for making paper, natural forests had to be cleared for these plantations. It takes 10-20 years for these trees to grow to a maturity where they can be harvested, and an increasing demand for a media driven lifestyle means more and more trees are planted each year and natural trees are harvested when the supply runs low.
Since 20% of Global warming can be attributed to deforestation we are risking not only the death of various species of unique African wildlife, but also the Stellenbosch wine region which has been estimated to disappear within the next 40 years as grapes need cold environments to thrive, as well as unleashing giant “sand seas” in Africa—giant fields of sand dunes with no vegetation—as a shortage of rainfall and increasing winds may “reactivate” the now-stable Kalahari dune fields. That means farewell to local vegetation, animals, and any tourism in the areas.