The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over

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DIY centres (distributed networks) - a vision

by Anna Marie B├╝tzer
Co-authors: This videos were developed from a project at the Glasgow School of Art. Tutors were Ian Grout and Alex Allen. Voiceover: Rose Hutton


When speaking about sustainability we often refer to localism. Obviously we can't and also don't want to step back to the localism we lived with years ago in order to become more sustainable. However we can attempt to look at the local in a new way:

"With a higher degree of connectivity, the local and small can become open and global." By applying Ezio Manzini's theory of distributed networks to production and consumption, new opportunities are emerging to create sustainable solutions.

Core (modular) elements of goods could be produced on a large scale and then distributed for refinement to take place locally, for example in DIY (do it yourself) centres. Storage, transport and production energy would therefore be saved. Individuals building their own products can personalise them, get greater satisfaction from them and are able to repair them.

Making things in a more decentralised and participatory way will lead to new values within communities and consumption.