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The Living Climate Change Video Challenge - 18 and Over


Judging Feedback

We are pleased to announce the results of this Challenge which drew 96 entries from 28 countries. Thanks to those who entered and congratulations to the winners.

According to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO: “The video challenge entries demonstrate a level of generative thinking and creativity that’s needed to push climate change conversation beyond policy discussions and negative scenarios. By providing us with alternative visions of what the future might look like, the entrants have inspired fresh ideas about the future of climate change and sparked important conversations around a more human-centered, sustainable future.”

DESIGN 21's director Haruko Smith said: "We are grateful for the opportunity to host this Challenge for IDEO. And it was indeed challenging in that it was a big subject and required video-making skills, but that made it all the more exciting – seeing a range of ideas expressed in a range of ways."

Grand Prize Winner

We Make It_Spaghetti Bolognese by Andrea Schöllgen, Taina Flink, Lotta Skoog, Bart van Dam, Elio Sjak-Shie (all students at TU Delft in The Netherlands) takes the top honor. The proposal for a shift in eating habits that also gives back to the nutrient loop takes the grand prize of $3000 plus a "Deep Dive" half-day workshop with IDEO.

Judging for this Challenge Pascal Soboll, practice lead at IDEO in Munich: “I love this video. It is beautifully made, and shows how local food production could actually work. I like the fact that nutrients become a currency.”

Another judge John Thackara, director of Doors of Perception commented: “The nutrient exchange idea is original and timely. I like the whole-systems narrative and the accessible look and feel.”

Honorable Mention

Buy Locally, Connect Locally by Tuduyen Annie Nguyen (USA) was recognized by the jury for an Honorable Mention and receives $500. This entry proposes a mobile application that encourages users to support local producers and businesses through a points system.

Judge Allan Chochinov, editor-in-chief of commented: "Buy Locally, Connect Locally is a successful film that takes the viewer through a series of compelling scenarios and touchpoints. The solution it proposes occupies a sweet spot where participation meets technology, and helps the viewer imagine a possible future where actions translate to positive behavior change."

Jennifer Leonard, IDEO project lead and Living Climate Change guest editor said: “I like that It’s holistic in its design thinking. By way of incentives, rather than dire consequences, we can easily make the connection between routine behaviors and climate change.”

Most Popular

The Connected Pebbles Story – Parts 2, 3, and 4 by Sujatha Krishnamoorthy (USA) were tied for the most votes in the online poll.