Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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by bryanxhu


I am inspired by the idea of interdependence and humility -that man is only a small part of an infinitely large and intricate web of species that inhabit our world. Children should be taught to respect and care for the environment, as much as the environment cares and provides for our needs.

To convey our intricate relationship with the environment, I have employed an elementary drawing tool used by children to decipher shapes of common things - dots. Children can use rice grains, peas or even tomato sauce to link all the dots surrounding the the picture of a happy child in the centre. In their own ways, they will attempt to create a complete picture of their important counterparts that make up Nature.

The plate thus becomes a drawing board on which children can eat, have fun "playing" with their food and learn an important lesson at the same time.