Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

Competition Details

Tribute 21 Plate Design - Happiness by IDEAS

by Jonathan Fox


It was a pleasure participating in the Tribute 21 Plate Design Competition. This is my first year entering the competition. Felissimo deserves many kudos for their efforts over so many years in this endeavor. They set a high standard other companies should emulate.
The plate design I have submitted incorporates strong recognizable graphic imagery, bold colors, uplifting messages in keeping with the Tribute 21’s theme of “ happiness in harmony with our surroundings”, and a bold graphic presentation of the word ‘Happiness’.
The carefully selected colors provide an uplifting and joyful feeling in keeping with this year’s theme. Strong primary colors were incorporated to attract the eyes and attention of viewing children. A bright sunny yellow color was selected to fill a majority of the plate to complement the message of a world filled with happiness and in harmony with the environment. A bright sky blue band was selected to encircle the central imagery.
The primary image in my plate design is a five point star pattern that is easily recognized by children. The star is shown graphically in a mosaic pattern, broken down into small shapes in shades of greens and blues. One can, I think easily see a relationship to landscape and sky forms in the overall star’s design. It represents the environment around us all.
The text font style selected is a script type that is light, fun, and attractive to children. The word “Happiness” is boldly shown in the center of the plate, also the center of the star and environment. The word’s letters are arranged along a curving, flowing line and are depicted in a variety of font sizes to be animated and fun. It is not by chance that the large pronounced “I” of Happiness is placed in the center of the plate. The “I” draws a relationship to the viewer, the children of the world. They are at the center of Happiness and they are at the center of the greater star/world. The text that is embedded in the sky blue band offers a message to all; “Be the one to dream. Be the one to hope. Be the one to inspire. Be the one to believe. Be the one to smile.” These I hope will be carried forward throughout a child’s life and the world.
Jonathan Fox
Philadelphia, PA