Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

Competition Details


by esense


The theme of the plate is Happiness. The main motifs of the artwork are based on interactive bar code with incorporated 10 happy faces into pattern and puzzle like composition. There is a small challenge for the plate viewer. She/he has to find the hidden 10 happy faces in the pattern.

The second element of the design is the real bar code representing URL address of the UNESCO - Tribute 21 page. This code can be photographed with a cell phone. It will allow to connect to this website via Internet. If it is necessary the URL address can be replaced with a one which is submitted by the competition organizers.

The bar code idea is a great communication and information tool. Mobile tagging is a relatively new way of communication outside the business world. It is my intention to engage this innovative medium to support the Unesco and The Felissimo Tribute 21 Plate project and it's my hope that this solution will increase public interest in your splendid idea.