Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

Competition Details

I Feel...Happiness

by Harris Kosmidis

The pictures above represent my thoughts about the theme of the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge. Undoubtedly the theme about happiness of the children around the world is very important for the global society,as well as for designers. Specially my idea was to express simultaneously the feelings of a child. Insurmountable problems such as poverty and inoperable diseases affect negatively the life of most children. On the other hand,children are full of positive feelings 'cause of their age and their dreams about the future. Thus, these two circumstances I'd like to express in the following design, by creating a face with two different "sides". The first "I feel..." sad side and the other positive one, "happiness", both of two sides in one logo design. In conclusion,participating in this challenge, it was much more than a regular participation, because the purpose made me very interested to work on this project and filled me of experience for the future.

*(The Non-Profit Organization I would like to support is Unicef)