Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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Happiness - Be Yourself

by Heini van Niekerk

Be yourself is a symbolic fairy tale represented as a colourful design on a plate by the use of soft child like colours and paint strokes which are flowing freely across borders thus acknowledging an artistic expression which shows that the creation had no boundaries when formed.

It shows two Kio, water and positive qi and some chaos which not only represents the energy and fertility in our children throughout their lives but also the repetition a message from one life to another which in essence are that of a fairy tale to all of us…repeating itself.…generation after generation. The message it sells is a very simple one that should inspire children of the world saying “Happiness…Be yourself”

To be yourself means that you believe in yourself, your strengths, your hopes and your fears and your dreams.

To be yourself also means to accept and respect others as they are with no boundaries.

To be yourself means you are relaxed, honest and open minded.

To be yourself means you care about “you”…and therefore you care about others.

To be yourself means believing in yourself and others

To be yourself means happiness for all.

To be yourself means….

…they all lived happily ever after.

….The End