Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

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happy together

by widianto utomo


Happiness: the tribute 21 plate
Title: happy together
Design concept imaginary: family-society, home-play-work, vicinity-nature- universe.
The design idea is to visualize the idea of interconnection, intertwine between people in
the family: mother- father, parents-children and family-pets, people in neighborhood-
people passing by from another area, home- factory, nature- power generator, trees- bird.
The concept idea is how we can create a harmonious world by starting through our own neighborhood. It is a clausal and cause life concept in order to create a better world. Use solar and wind energy to generate energy means less pollution, healthy occupants, means better living for everyone. Healthy and happy family means happy neighborhood, less crime,
more time outdoor for healthy living. Clean air means more bird around, and outdoor activities, etc.