Happiness: the Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

Competition Details

Sunshine Smiles

by lnf151


Accomplished Creative Director and Artist, Linda Nesbit-Floria.
I am inspired by so many things from Architecture and Fine Art, to
Nature, Fashion and Pop Culture. I am a self-taught photographer,
I carefully photograph floral subjects. I create a whole new palette
of textures and colors in the computer. I capture the intensity and
brilliant hues of nature. I create expressive art by using the
combination of Photoshop and it’s digital paint brushes. I am
constantly developing new techniques that blur the lines between
photography and hand-created art.

Photographs contain fine details. I transform my photos by changing their size, orientation,
color, shadows, and highlights. I filter out the fine details to resemble a painting. The fine
detail is replaced by simplified strokes and color. I re-create all of the details. The final
result breaks down the photographic qualities and reduces them to my personal expression
of art.