GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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by blobish
Co-authors: Christine Yogiaman + Ken Tracy

Wooble is a simulacrum of pebbles realized through CNC milled 1” Appleply. It is a bathroom mat that stimulates the sense of touch, probing through the dull depository of skin on your sole.
Woobble uses CNC technology to achieve this complex effect without the need for tedious multi-pass surface milling. Designed with the CNC mill in mind, lines are directly drawn as a set of operations for the CNC mill rather than 3 dimensionally modeled. Complexity is achieved through selecting 3 different shaped tool bit, each specified at different stages of the operation.
Woobble surface geometry exposes the anatomy of 1” Appleply. The excavated curvature strips the white maple face to reveal the layers in between.