GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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by Robert Panossian
Co-authors: Robert Panossian, Cevak Satourian, Hugo Garcia

Zero90 aims to challenge the multi-dimensional potential of a two-dimensional board of plywood. While serving as an advocate for the efficient use of resources, it also promotes the efficient use of space. Individual components interlock with one another via a system of ‘scissor joints’ and, in the process, create usable adjacent spaces on the exterior of the connection. Working on the notion of ‘zero waste,’ these exterior spaces are then incorporated into a larger system that contribute to the structural rigidity and the compartmentalization of space within the model. Two components, designed to blend in as shelves, together serve as the “key” which locks the two halves of the model together allowing it to pivot laterally, thereby multiplying usable space and transforming the model from a common wall-dweller into a room centerpiece. Two compartments have the ability to slide and relocate a space that was once within the model to the outside, beyond the enclosing walls. The result is a transformable piece of furniture that can be configured according to its context or the user's preference.