GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Four x Eight Dining Chair Set

by Jake Emlen

The Four x Eight Dining Chair Set is a complete, four-chair dining set made out of a single sheet of plywood. In addition to the beauty of the assembled chair, the flatpack design is equally important. For, as one can see in Appendix 2 (diagram on full sheet of plywood), the plywood is broken into 6 basic rectangles, each measuring 24 inches by 32 inches. As a result, the entire dining set can be shipped in one box (or two boxes if necessary). Of the six 24 by 32 inch rectangles, four are used to house sets of chair legs and their integrated seats. The remaining two rectangles house the chair’s backrests and cross-arms, two sets per rectangle.
Due to the nature of the design, the constituents of the assembled chairs suggest an interdependence, symbolizing our daily interconnectedness with the materials. Furthermore, the name of the design, Four x Eight Dining Chair Set, celebrates the minimal amount of material that will be used to make the set. The natural beauty of the wood is a highlight of the Four x Eight Dining Chair Set, emphasized by the highest possible percentage of visible wood.
The cut that extends down the middle of the backrest is designed to be an ergonomic feature that takes pressure off of the sitter’s backbone, while also supporting the back section of the seat.

Lastly, the Four x Eight Dining Set uses a total of 16 pieces of hardware, four pieces per chair.

*Digital copy available upon request.