GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Urban Camouflage

by Adelaida Mejia

Designing locally, with a strong sense of place--making use of materials that support sustainable practices.

The idea behind the making the piece "Urban Camouflage" is three-fold:

1. It is based on a sense of place that expresses the importance of thinking 'locally' when designing. Inspired by the blooming of the fruit trees in San Francisco during the spring, it is connected to sustainability, green materials and the importance of 'place' in design thinking. The image is from my photography essay on a local plum tree.

2. It is inspired by the old bay windows of the Middle East where women who were not allowed out on the street could sit and watch what was going on, without being seen, protected by woodcut window screens. The spring here in our city, and in our country is colored, affected, by the war, and by the suffering that it has brought to so many. This piece acknowledges the people in the Arab world in a poetic way.

3. It is subverting the idea of someone inside unable to reach the outside by bringing the outside, in this case bringing nature that is outside into the inside environment.