GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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Parliament<< "somewhere to sit and think, eat and talk..."

by simon james whatley

Multi-functional, robust and elegant this economical, slot-together furniture design reveals the beauty of the wood and encourages social interreaction.

Prototype slot-together plywood furniture comprising:

1 x Table (110cm x 66cm x 70cm H)
2 x Benches (100cm length)

The table top is a compressed hexagon.
Each bench seat reponds with a concave front edge

How is the rigidity of the structure achieved ?
robust mortice and tenon joints are used where bench and table tops meet and connect with the base / legs

wedge-shaped peg apply required pressure to the joints where the base / legs of the benches / table meet the stretcher / horizontal tension rail

The dynamic, subtle angles of the table and benches's edges, gently orientate one towards the centre of the table and towards each other; thereby encouraging social interreaction.

Compact design:
the benches stow away conveniently under the table

* relax with a cup of coffee or tea, a friend or the newspaper
* dining table that comfortably seats four, at mealtimes
* work table suitable for 2-4 small children painting or for an adult to sit at to work - plenty of space to spread out...

slot-together furniture uses

remove the pegs and the stretcher will lift up and out, allowing the legs to disconnect from the table and bench tops ~ for ease of transport or storage.