GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

PALETTE , a coffee table from a 4X8X1 sheet of plywood.

by lilla

Figurative artists use a vast array of hues and textures to capture real and imagined environments. Similarly, the combination of different cuts of plywood offers a variety of textures depending on how they are assembled. My inspiration originates from experimenting with the juxtaposition of the grain on the main surface of the table top and cross cut sections.

The plywood sheet is cut almost in half - The table top is a 4'x4'.6 cut out to evoke a painter's palette. The legs are cut into an L-shape form from the remaining half and are randomly arranged to form a pattern on the surface. This will showcase the cross section motif of the cut plywood. It is an easy assembly with no need for glue or hardware. When needed, it will return to a flat shape. The legs and top are cut to minimize the waste of material .