GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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by daniel ankri

The design which I have proposed focuses on combining the functional object of a chair which is for sitting with the functional object of a book shelf which is for storing books. The combination of these two functionalities offer the user the comfort of sitting with the accessibility of their books within arms reach. The piece is name C4 for it is a chair made up of four components. All of these components snuggle comfortably within a flat-pack design of a 4’x 8’ single piece of FSC-certified plywood. Each of these components consists of several pieces which all interlock without any glue, nails or accessories. Every piece interlocks via dovetail connections- this offers the individual freedom from any tools and any messes. C4 is an easy to assemble, compelling piece of furniture which will help enable people to appreciate the beauty of wood and all the sustainable possibilities we can create from it.