GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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Hyperpolic Parabaloid Lounger

by Damian Barton

Hyperpolic Parabaloid Lounger
Combining the similarities of engineered plywood construction and the mathmatical formula of a hyporbolic parabolic structure.
The hyperbolic paraboaloid uses only straight components (ruled surface) cut from one flat sheet of plywood to create a curved structural surface in three dimensions. The alternating of grain used in plywood construction is mimicked here where thin slats are alternated to create a diagonal trellis grid.
Plywood can be used for both structural and dimensional purposes as well for bent form work where the laminating of thin veneers with alternating grain can create complex 2 and 3 dimensional curves that have equal strength in all directions.
One feature of plywood is the beauty of its end grain that shows the multiple layers of veneer. The strips are able to be cut vertically or horizontally through the sheet to show the end grain facing up and becomes an additional decorative feature to the surface of the lounge seat.
The frame of the lounger is 4 triangular pieces that interlock with one another and creates a diamond shape. The cutting of slots are made to the inside walls that will receive the slats and become the seating surface of the lounge.
3 images shown are of a scale model of the lounge from a 3D printer.
Size of the lounge is (l)67” x (w)37” x (h)27”

all components for 1 lounge fits on 1 8ft x 4ft sheet