GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

FSC Tree of Life

Co-authors: Jolyon WARDLE, Ryan PARRY

The purpose of this design is to trigger awareness towards the often overlooked link between wood and trees. The FSC Tree of Life is a coat hanger which bears direct reference to the FSC Trademark and has a presence similar to that of a tree. The natural beauty of the wood is clearly reflected in the product, highlighting the quality of FSC plywood from ground to eye level. The hanger clearly separates the coats, umbrellas and scarves, allowing for easier access when in a hurry. The entire design is cut out of single sheet of FSC-certified plywood measuring 4-feet x 8-feet x 1-inch. The design requires no branding because its form is its brand, meaning the wood grain can be uninterrupted.