GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

FSC BIrd Tree

by leanne_price
Co-authors: Adriana Vega


The FSC Bird Tree is constructed from a single sheet of FSC certified plywood. It has no extra parts and fits together like a simple 3d jigsaw. It is a functional object which allows birds to feed and take shelter.

One benefit of sustainable forestry practice is the preservation of wildlife. The bird tree hopes to raises consumer awareness to the importance of FSC certified wood.

The designer imagines that by observing birds in a garden the user can appreciate the movements and habits of this form of wildlife and will be encouraged to investigate sustainable forestry practices further.

The product has been designed to reduce the waste of the specified plywood sheet while creating an object that is aesthetically pleasing.

This product would be a fun for children to assemble with an adult and could also be used as an educational tool.