GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Low Floating Table

by Frederique Lampe
Co-authors: Dennis Menheere, Willem Gorisse, Sander Schulp, Frederique Lampe

The Low Floating table shows how simple and pure wood can be. Underneath the salon table there is space to store magazines and books. The asymmetric table legs have a surprising effect; when you look from a particular side, the table seems to float.

This design only includes four elements of wood. The four sheets are connected with 16 pieces of Alpha hardware. Therefore the table can be easily stored by dismantling the four elements without using any tools. The wooden sheets can be flat packed and stored in a basement or closet. Besides the table can be easily transported.

Next to the fact the table has a natural appearance , it can also be manufactured sustainable. The design is made out of exactly one piece of FSC-certified plywood with minimal waste.