GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Spooning Tables

by Anna Unierzyski

Objects converse. We form relationships with the products in our environment because they stimulate, intrigue, hinder, or encourage us. Spooning Tables develop the spoon theme as a conceptual framework, which represents the ideas of home and togetherness. The spoon is also iconic, in that it evokes the kitchen; the central place in the home where meals are created.

Spooning Tables personify the physical act of spooning. There is no question that these three are a set, since the cut out spoon shapes on their sides line up once they are arranged one inside the other.

The wood's natural beauty is subtly revealed by the engraved objects on the table tops. The whimsical nature of Spooning Tables is identified by the representation of other utensils, on the tables’ surfaces.

Alpha hardware's joinery system enables this product to be easily constructed and combines with the iconic imagery in an evocative manner. Spooning Tables are functional conversation pieces.