GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Sitting Room in a Box

by Benjamin Sirota
Co-authors: Dan Villa

Using FSC Plywood is an important step towards sustainable furniture design. The combination of laser cutting technology and environmentally conscious design prevents wasteful practices. We used as much of the plywood as possible to minimize waste and put the pieces next to each other so that the laser has less cuts to conserve electricity. Our design calls for 73 pieces cut out of the 4’x8’x1” piece of plywood. There are 32 pieces for each of the two chairs and 9 pieces for the table also including 10 extra pegs, that when flat packed fit in a box 3’-6”x2’-4”x8”. Our concept derives from the set rules of the competition: to be flat packed, to have no glue, little or no hardware and to use only one piece of plywood. Instead of using additional hardware, we created a peg system that holds the individual boards together. Each of the three pieces of furniture is easy to assemble, move, and dissemble and creates a comfortable sitting area to enjoy a conversation with a friend in any setting.