GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

4 x 8 = 56 (pieces!)

by Preetal Shah
Co-authors: Jasleen Sarai, Preetal Shah

4x8 = 56 (pieces!)

This 56-piece project utilizes the entire 4’x 8’x 1” plywood sheet to create a series of furniture. With the environmental factor in mind, there is minimal waste and maximum customization. After the plywood is cut, there are 16 pieces of three different shapes that can be rotated and combined to create a variety of usable objects.

Provided are also 1” X 3” slats of different lengths that can be strung through the holes in the shapes to provide stability for the pieces. Each of the three shapes has custom voids that are based on the suggested rotation angles of the shapes to create the furniture as shown in the manual. These polygonal voids line up and create a continuous 1”X3” opening that the slats can be strung through to provide support. These pieces can also be arranged to create multifunctional pieces such as a table-chair combo.

This flat-pack creates several different kinds of chairs, tables, and racks that one can customize to their own needs. One can also buy several packs and combine to add length. The furniture is easily disassembled and can be reused endlessly in many different forms. The simplicity of the form carries a timeless quality that is essential for a long lasting piece, making the flat-pack truly sustainable.