GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

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by rado ivanov

When it comes to raising the awareness on sustainability and appreciation of natural resources, time is of the essence. The time it takes to grow a tree, the time to make the right choices, the time needed to manufacture and assemble a product, and last but not least, the time required to recycle or decompose an object once it is out of use. So why waste time? Let’s start with the youngest…

G(R)O(W)ING WITH THE GRAIN is a concept of multi-purpose furniture objects designed to adapt with the changing needs of the family as their child grows up. Easily convertible from a small crib, to a four-foot infant’s bed, the unit can also be separated into two chairs and a small table, or a kid’s desk with a side table and a chair. No tools or hardware is required for assembly, conversion, or disassembly.

And it all comes with a bonus – a plywood car with removable wheels and bumpers.

Technical characteristics:

- All parts are cut from a single FSC-certified plywood measuring 4-feet x 8-feet x 1-inch
- Efficient use of the sheet with minimal waste
- Mostly straight-line contours for faster CRC routing
- Reversible shapes allow reciprocal interchanging of parts
- Simple, fast, and easy assembly and disassembly
- All groove-joints
- No tools, no hardware, no glue is required
- Unlimited assemblies, disassemblies, and conversions
- Flat-pack design for efficient storage and transportation.