GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Essential, flexible, modular

by gloria gerbaudo
Co-authors: Maurizio Proietti

TRIO_S, TRIO_E, TRIO_T: Three objects and one plywood

A modular chair suitable for moment of rest or wait that becomes a bench if placed side by side to others;

A useful notice board for information or instruction;

A table perfect for display stand, but extremely flexible to every application;

These three objects are assembled with the same number and the same shape of pieces. Besides it is possible to assemble two of these three objects with just one plywood.

The use of few joints makes the objects very easy to assemble and to produce and suitable also for a serial production. Besides the only use of joints makes the production cheaper than using the Alpha hardware.

The simple and essential geometries make its ideal to use in a park or green area and the production reject is reduced to a minimum.

In conclusion it is also possible with the same number of pieces to invent other assemblages and create new objects.