GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Useful Roots

by Aurelie Brachet
Co-authors: Aurélie BRACHET, Camille DANDELOT, Stephanie PITTION

This coffee table is made of profiles that fit together. Some profiles use shapes of trees to create in the same time a small natural scenery on the table and a new function under the table. Indeed, the roots enable to hold a shelf, that extends the surface of the table. We can put on it a little plant, a cell-phone, some magazines or few bottles for aperitif ! (drink time before meal in France).
With this design, the wood recovers its origins, moreover we can see the side of plywood all over the table. It emphasizes this sustainable material.
For this challenge we are limited to one single sheet of FSC-certified plywood, so we present only one shape/function, but the concept can be developed with others designs : on this coffee table, 9 slices are free and can be supplied with decorative shapes, from landscape's elements to trompe-l'oeil (bunch of flowers, light, candle, etc).