GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details

Two position chair

by juan carlos anton

This chair is design as a single structure responding to two very different activities, one with the objective to get the user more involved in something like having a conversation or reading a book while being comfortable, an the other position is meant to do the opposite by taking the person away from any specific activity and be able to experience the surroundings specially nature.
8 pieces compose the chairs main structure, plus six keys that when inserted hold these pieces together and also work as spacers between them, these keys are also routed out of the same sheet of plywood.
The design variation of the chair is mainly trying to promote a culture of reuse by focusing on materials that are often thrown away specifically in a domestic environment, in this case a broomstick offers various advantages that make it right for the design specially by saving weight because of the properties of the wood and also because the sticks that hold the chair together become the seat and therefore only two structural pieces of the original 8 are needed.