GOING WITH THE GRAIN: design an object using sustainable wood

Competition Details


by Viktor Roshchuk
Co-authors: Rob Courser, Michelle Kim

Starting with sheet of plywood can produce thousands of multiple objects but it is only those that can be functionally use provide a meaning solution. When starting the design of this chair I began experimenting with material qualities to learn the opportunities and limits of the material. It this process I found out that this material even though it is thick, can be manipulated by bending and take on a new nature. In this process of experimenting I was trying to create an object that has the least number of pieces while still be practical to build. In the end result I came up with a chair design that took the opportunity of bending the material, creating a sitting chair for use inside. This design uses three pieces total. One piece which is bent to create the form of a chair that is clicked on stay in place and another piece that pierces through the first piece and a third one to lock the chair from moving.